Dubsmash is the entertaining app that helps users make fun videos with favorite quotes for their friends. We empower people to express themselves and be anyone they want to be! The Dubsmash Team is on a mission to make the funniest, craziest, most lit video app out there. Join our team and help bring smiles to more than a 150 million Dubbers around the world!

  • Senior Android Developer (f/m)

    You eat Marshmallows, Lollipops, KitKats and Jelly Beans for breakfast.
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  • Senior iOS Developer (f/m)

    Apple keynotes keep you up at night, love shipping apps and speak fluent Swift?
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  • Senior Software Engineer (f/m)

    You're an expert in building distributed service-oriented stuff.
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  • Senior Product Manager (f/m)

    A product manager walks into a bar. Pours drinks, waits tables, cleans toilets, and puts out fire in stockroom.
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